Hi there!

I appreciate that you’re checking out my blog. I’m Mihail and here I want to tell you more about myself, my story and where I’m headed.

I’m a software developer and programming is both a hobby and a way to make a living. Being a CS graduate my interest in coding started growing as soon as I got into university and up to this day I enjoy filling up my spare time by reading programming blogs, listening to tech podcasts and testing out new technologies.

I enjoy solving complex problems and I really like the whole process of thinking deeply about a problem, analyzing it from different angles and then shaping a curated solution. It feels rewarding and enriching.

Growing up as a kid I’ve always been into creating things with materials at hand. Paper planes, repairing broken furniture with glue, building one of those houses on top of a tree, you name it. And that’s the other reason I’m passionate about programming, you can think like an artist and use it as a tool to bring your ideas to life. It allows you to experiment. That combined with my competitive spirit gradually directed my energy into entrepreneurship.

Over the years I’ve tried to hustle a few projects into businesses, I even launched my own startup during my student years. While none of those efforts paid off (well, not in the sense of what one might imagine when they hear ‘successful entrepreneur’ anyway - expensive suit, sports car and many happy customers 😃), I enjoyed all endeavours to the full, plus I gained so much invaluable experience 🔑.

I often think about what I’ve been through and contemplate about the future. So, here I’ll be sharing my knowledge, observations and thoughts as I progress through my career.

At the moment I’m focused on honing my skills as a developer and helping the startup I work for get to the next level.

Limits like fears are often just an illusion Michael Jordan